Stefan Leibing

Mix & Mastering Engineer

I help Metal & Rock Artists to make their Studio Recordings
Sound Great!


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If you are a band or Artist playing Heavy Metal, Hard Rock or another style of Rock music,

searching for someone that transforms your well recorded studio tracks into a sonnically outstanding album, I might be the right person for you.

My Name is Stefan Leibing

and I am a mix engineer for Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and Rock Music in general.

Beside my passion for mixing and producing music in that genre, I also have a long musical background as musician and songwriter in the past. I played in a worldwide succesful band for many years.


Disclaimer: This website is originally written in English. If you see this page in another language, then it has been translated by your web browser. I am not responsible for strange wording that may result from this translation. :-)


My Services

To make your studio recordings a great sounding album I provide the services Mixing and Mastering.


I will take your well performed and recorded raw multitracks, that you've recorded at a professional studio or at your home studio and turn them into an outstanding professional mix.

I can easily apply drum replacement, guitar reamping and vocal pitch correction if required.

If I think that the mix might benefit from some pitch correction on the vocals, then I will apply the correction in a way that it will not be recognized by your audience.  

If your drum recordings are not ideal soundwise I will improve snare drum, bass drum or in rare cases toms by using high end drum samples in a way that you will not recognize that samples have been used.

If your guitar amp recordings have not turned out so great and you can provide me DI tracks of your guitar recordings, I can easily do a reamping which will make your guitar sound great.     


I can create coherent masters of well done mixes, that translate well at any type of listening system.

Masters for CD production

As long as CDs are produced, the loudness war is not completely over yet at least valid for the Heavy Metal and Hard Rock genre. A CD master for that genre has to be loud. Making a song loud without making the mix suffer is not an easy task. You need the knowledge how to do it and you need the right tools.

I will provide you a so called DDP image which the CD manufacturer needs for the production.

Masters for streaming platforms

For streaming platforms I provide the mixes as single WAV files usually in the format 44,1 kHz/24 bit. This is the format usually requested by the streaming platforms. With this you will be able to place your songs on all streaming platforms.

Masters for vinyl production

Creating masters for vinyl production differs from the mastering for CD and streaming, because a vinyl record has some constrains, due to the fact that reproduction of the music is a mechanical process.

Hear my Work

Examples of me remixing and mastering songs of various artists:

Why Hire Me?

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Mixing and mastering

are the final creative steps in the production of your music. Beside the quality of your songs and quality of the recordings, mixing and mastering are very important processes that can decide if your album will be successful or not.

Choosing the right mix engineer for your project

is a crucial decision. You have put a huge effort into the composing and the recording of your music. You need someone that understands and shares your vision. Giving your creation into the hands of someone to complete your work demands a lot of trust.

With my long experience in music business formerly as musician and today as mix engineer I can help you on your path to create an outstanding album.

Contact me

and write me about your project. Let's see if we are right for each other.  If you have any other questions or need any tips on how to record your music, feel also free to contact me.